Telia bass  4-string short scale bass with ABM headless tuners and Häussel pickups

    Telia bass  4-string bass with ABM tuners and Häussel pickups

bass basics 

All our basses are built as a neck- through construction with an an acrylic body. This combination gives phantastic sustain and an attack which nearly cannot be achieved with conventional bodies.

For the necks we use finest woods like maple, padouk and mahogany together with ebony fretboards.

Pickups are made by the famous German pickup maker Harry Häussel or by Bartolini. Other brands and piezo bridges on demand. All basses can be delivered in passive versions or with fmw custom electronics.

The option list can be completed by LED dots on the neck, lit bodies, built in effects etc.

All models can be delivered with 4, 5 or 6 strings and in fretless versions.

Call us for custom solutions.