stratia   standard & lefthand stratia with piezo option and active electronics

    stratia standard & lefthand stratia with piezo option and active electronics

Guitar basics: What determines the sound of a wooden body?
Physically speaking, it depends on three variables: Mass, stiffness and damping. Unfortunately, no piece of wood has either exact, optimal or repeatable values for all three parameters. Each of these varies extremely, depending on age, grain, origin, climate, method of cutting, humidity, temperature, etc. - even for the same type of wood. Result: 100 examples of the same guitar model with a wooden body have 100 different sound characteristics.

This was the reason for developing guitars with acrylic bodies. This material combines very high stiffness with very low material damping and, what's more, the characteristics are predictable and repeatable!

The result is the superb sustain of fmw guitars, meaning everyone - not just one in a hundred! The density of acrylic materials is higher than that of natural woods, yet the weight of our guitars is kept low enough to ensure comfortably playing for hours. This goal is achieved by using large, tonally optimised cavities.