about FMW    playing for "Past Perfect" / "Kato" Club Berlin 2009 Foto © A. Krause
    about FMW   playing for "Past Perfect" "Kato" Club Berlin 2009 Foto © A. Krause

Frank-Michael Weber
from physicist to guitar maker

Born in Berlin in 1952, he has played guitar since he was nine, joining his first rock band at forteen and building his first guitar in the age of sixteen.

After formally studying physics and acoustics, he earned his living developing electronical components for vibration-measurement systems. Later he joined a company operating worldwide in the field of isolation of mechanical and acoustic vibrations, eventually becoming head of research and development there. During this time, he collected a wealth of experience in utitlizing particular acoustic properties of materials.

After further years as a consultant and managing director for a manufacturer of automotive rubber products, he decided it was finally time to do his own thing and combine his accumulated knowledge as a guitarist, electronics engineer and vibration specialist into the creation of a product of his own. This led to the birth of fmw guitars.