about FMW    Frank-M. Weber with "The Connexion", 1967
    about FMW     Frank-M. Weber with "The Connexion", 1967

why acrylics?

The idea was to combine finest woods like maple, padouk, ebony and mohagony with the best available hardware and acrylic bodies.

As a physicist Frank-Michael Weber knew that the low internal damping and high stiffness of an acrylic body should lead to a good sustaining guitar. The vibrational properties of the material are more precise than the properties of conventional wooden bodies. Thus the sound of guitars with wooden bodies is always different within a series of "identical" guitars.

The sound and sustain of acrylic guitars in contrast is always predictable and repeatable.

That´s why Frank Michael Weber started to built acrylic guitars in the year 2002. From than to now a lot of new models have been devellopped and musicians all over Europe and America chose fmw guitars.